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Auto ISO


A spec driven application, AutoISO comes with an extensive array of automated functions to draw isometrics and generate their bill of material. With AutoISO you can create intelligent isometrics with components containing dimensional and material data more easily than you ever thought possible. For example, the Auto-Pipe-Route function enables you to draw isometrics quickly and efficiently. After specifying a start point and direction, simply select one fitting after another. The application does the work for you, placing the fittings sequentially by constantly moving the insertion point forward. With AutoISO you can also automatically dimension the isometric by sequentially picking dimension start and end points. You can even change the isometric plane when AutoISO detects a change in the piping direction. Another timesaving feature automatically calculates cut lengths of pipe nestled between fittings in preparation for bill of material generation.


Software Specifications

  • Supports pipe sizes: 1/8'' to 80'' (3mm to 2000mm)
  • Supports ANSI rating: 150# to 2500#; Threaded and Socket Weld: 2000# to 6000#
  • Includes a complete selection of standard pipe fittings
  • Includes all types of valves, including flanged in Raised Face, Flat Face, and Ring Type Joint
  • Includes Control and Pressure Safety Valves
  • Includes pipe supports such as hangers, base supports, U-bolts, shoes, guides, anchors, and more
  • Preset isometric planes eliminate the need to select flange face orientation
  • Contains the AutoELBOW + PIPE function, which automatically places elbows and pipe on routing lines
  • Includes dimensioning tools that automatically calculate offsets and rolling offsets
  • Calculates cut lengths of pipe when an overall dimension is entered
  • Contains preset text styles for all isometric planes
  • Contains built-in intelligence for verifying spec compliance and branch fitting type
  • Allows you to override specification settings for custom components
  • Verifies the availability of fittings such as reducers, reducing tees, and swages
  • Automatically transitions between Butt Weld and Threaded (or Socket Weld) fittings, based on the size specified in the piping spec
  • Contains tools that automatically generate a bill of material (BOM)
  • Tags all pipe components with balloons containing their BOM number
  • Contains automated functions for equipment drafting

System Overrides

To increase flexibility, the AutoISO allows the user to override the current spec settings and add special components or change the parameters for these components. The System Overrides include:

  • Welded Valves: places welded valves instead of flanged
  • Valve Face to Face Dimension: displays current dimension information from the database and gives you the option to change it
  • Gasket Thickness: lets you change the default thickness of a gasket
  • Bolt Length: lets you change the bolt length for special items such as wafer check valves
  • Nipple Length: lets you change the default pipe nipple length
  • Shop or Field: lets you change the shipping destination of components
  • System Toggles: The AutoISO includes system toggles so users can select to enable or disable some of the program’s functionality. These toggles allow users to customize the software based on their company’s standard practices. The System Toggles include:
  • Valve Stem: lets you choose to add or leave out valve stems
  • Material ON/OFF: lets you design piping systems without using pipe specs
  • Branch Check: checks for branch fitting type as set in the spec
  • Spec Check: informs you of specification default values and allows you to override them

For more information please visit PROCAD AutoISO


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